Dj dnial by leslie snyder

“It’s Dnial Snitches” Single Review
By Leslie Snyder
The party rolls on out of Atlantic City, New Jersey from an independent open format DJ/rapper named DJ Dnial. DJ Dnial began his career by entertaining his classmates at parties while attending college. This young energetic DJ was introduced to the early soul pioneer Smokey Robinson and the rapper DJ Jazzy Jeff as a child. DJ Dnial became well known throughout the east coast club scene with his “soul stirring” party mixes.
However, the scenery changes from having fun to unimaginable darkness with the “brooding” single “It’s Dnial Snitches.” This is a dark tale about the harsh realities of crime in the inner city. People are afraid to report a crime to law enforcement for fear of retaliation. DJ Dnial uses “gritty” digs and “rough” beats to drive home his point that life is not always about sunshine and “well manicured” lawns in quiet neighborhoods. Life can be evil.
DJ Dnial is a brilliant DJ/rapper who is destined for greatness with reflective hip hop music that will open one’s eyes and ears to the darker side of life.
Record Label: Raise the Bar Management
Artist Website:

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