“the green pajamas” by leslie snyder

“Happy Halloween”
By Leslie Snyder
The crisp and cool bite of fall is in the air with some creepy music out of West Seattle, Washington from an independent pop rock quartet called The Green Pajamas. The Green Pajamas sing gloomy songs about Halloween while sounding similar to Neil Young with their soulful vocals and ominous pop rock melodies which bring out the gloomy tone of this bone chilling collection of music. The Green Pajamas will release their latest CD “Happy Halloween!” on October 21, 2014 twenty one unreleased tracks that were originally recorded in the early 1980’s.
The ghoulish adventure begins with the seventh track “Last Days of autumn.” This track soulful vocals and eerie pop rock melodies that sound like leaves rustling in the cool, damp wind. This track is a solemn tale about the desolate feeling of the fall season right before the winter season comes. Meanwhile, the ghoulish adventure continues in the eighth track “Gothic Funk.” This track features moaning vocals and gloomy, chilling pop rock melodies. This track is a frightening tale about bats fluttering and wolves howling around an old abandoned gothic style church at night.
Finally, the ghoulish adventure ends with a party going on in the tenth track “Happy Halloween!” This track features soulful vocals and ominous pop rock melodies. This track is a dark tale about a group of people who are dressing up for a Halloween party. These people are prepared to stay up all night without a care in the world.
The Green Pajamas are a great independent pop rock quartet. They are not afraid to play dark music in a fun way. The Green Pajamas latest CD “Happy Halloween!” has finally come out of the vault and definitely deserves to be heard.
Record Label: Green Monkey Records
Band Websites: http://www.facebook.com/TheGreenPajamas

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