“sundown”by leslie snyder

By Leslie Snyder
A gentle breeze blows out of Chicago, Illinois from an independent folk solo artist named Pete Kruse. Pete Kruse sings songs about living the simple life and enjoying every minute of it while sounding similar to folk icon Bob Dylan with “gritty,” but soulful vocals and “rustic” acoustic folk melodies. Pete Kruse released his latest CD “Sundown” on September 11, 2012 featuring eight heartwarming tracks that will surely put a smile on one’s face.
The soul searching road trip begins with the first track “The Night is Young.” This track features soulful vocals and light acoustic folk melodies, along with the sound of a mandolin “fluttering” throughout the track. This track is a peaceful tale about a man wanting to enjoy the beauty of nature and the “buzz” of crickets at night, and forget about life’s problems for a little while. Meanwhile, one must let the breeze blow through their hair while listening to the third track “Where you’ll find me.” This track features an “airy” acoustic folk sound with a mandolin “fluttering” throughout the track and soulful vocals. This track is a mellow tale about a man who is traveling throughout the country observing the culture around him. The man is admiring how people can still enjoy a simple life in a “fast paced” world. However, the man knows that he will have to get back to “reality” when he returns home.
Finally, the soul searching road trip ends with some summer fun in the eighth track “July Sun.” This track is a “sultry” instrumental track with “rustic” acoustic folk melodies and the sound of a mandolin “whirring” throughout the track. This track is a “sizzling” tale about the heat of the golden, hot sun and people having a carefree summer and enjoying life on the beach.
Pete Kruse is an extremely talented independent folk solo artist with a cool, but “rustic” musicianship. This artist has a passion for life’s “simple pleasures.” Pete Kruse’s latest CD “Sundown” reminds people to smile and to appreciate the world around them without bitterness.
Record Label: http://www.CDbaby.com
Band Website: http://www.petekruse.com

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  1. Pete Kruse says:

    Thanks much for this review! I appreciate the time and thoughts. Pete

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