“60 more miles ep” by leslie snyder

Kings of Lowertown
“60 More Miles” EP
By Leslie Snyder
Romance is blossoming in Pembroke, Ontario Canada from an unsigned blues rock duo called Kings of Lowertown. This fresh “bluesy” duo sings a song about the hope of a new romance with “rustic” blues rock melodies and soulful vocals sounding similar to the Allman Brothers band. Kings of Lowertown will release their latest EP “60 More Miles” on October 13, 2013 featuring the “sultry” single “Shotgun Preacher.” This track features “gritty,” but soulful vocals and “snarling” blues rock melodies. This track is a hopeful tale about a man who used to be a “bad boy.” However, this former “bad boy” is deeply in love with a beautiful woman who has been sent from heaven. The “bad boy” has decided that he needs to change his “evil ways.”
Kings of Lowertown is a great unsigned blues rock duo that sings this song with heartfelt lyrics and “rustic” blues rock melodies. The duo’s latest EP “60 more Miles” reminds people that love conquers all.
Band Website: http://www.kingsoflowertown.bandcamp.com/track/shotgun-preacher

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1 Response to “60 more miles ep” by leslie snyder

  1. Jaime says:

    A really good EP. Boilermaker Barrelhouse Blues! Amazing!

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