“something in the darkness”by leslie snyder

Wythyn Shadows
“Something in the Darkness” EP
By Leslie Snyder
A nightmare oozes out of Darwen Lancashire, England from an unsigned heavy metal quintet called Wythyn Shadows. Wythyn Shadows sings songs about being trapped under a cloud of darkness while sounding similar to heavy metal icons Iron Maiden with their “snarling” vocals and “thunderous” riffs. Wythyn Shadows released their debut EP “Something in the Darkness” on May 18, 2013 featuring four “bone chilling” track that could cause a person to wake up in a “cold sweat.”
The gloomy journey begins with the first track “Within Shadows.” This track features “angelic,” but “snarling” vocals and “thunderous” heavy metal riffs. This track is an ominous tale about a person who is living in darkness. This troubled person feels that the people around them are like “monsters” that are chasing them around town. So, the troubled person feels alienated.
Finally, the gloomy journey ends with the third track “Slayer of Innocence.” This track features sorrowful vocals and “brooding” heavy metal riffs. This track is a painful tale about a person who has been treated badly by having their innocence taken away. This person feels hurt, but vows to fight back and move on with life.
Wythyn Shadows is a loud and obnoxious unsigned heavy metal quintet who sings about evil “lurking” in society. This quintet’s debut EP “Something in the Darkness” will definitely make one’s teeth rattle.
Band Websites: http://www.reverbnation.com/wythynshadows

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1 Response to “something in the darkness”by leslie snyder

  1. Gary says:

    Hi Leslie, thank you for your review of our debut EP ‘Something in the Darkness’. It made for a very interesting read. Keep up the good work … Wythyn Shadows \m/

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