Empty November by leslie snyder

Empty November EP
By Leslie Snyder
A feeling of hope comes out of Baltimore, Maryland from an unsigned alternative rock/pop punk quartet called Empty November. Empty November sounds similar to Fallout Boy and Blink 182 with their soulful vocals and “gritty” alternative and pop punk melodies. Empty November released their self titled debut EP on March 15, 2013 featuring three deeply emotional tracks about finding hope, love, and happiness.
The life changing journey begins with the first track “The Mender.” This track features “sorrowful” vocals and light, “moaning” alternative rock melodies. This track is a lonely tale about a man who is going through a painful breakup with his girlfriend. The heartbroken man feels that the only way to “numb” his pain is through the use of alcohol.
Meanwhile, loneliness turns into hope in the second track “Tape.” This track features soulful vocals and smooth alternative rock melodies, along with the sound of a mellow piano “floating” throughout the track. This track is about two friends who are spending time together and sharing common interests in a non judgmental way.
Finally, the life changing journey ends with the promise of romance in the third track “Brighter.” This track features soulful vocals and “gritty” alternative rock melodies. This track is about a couple who is out on a date. However, the couple is really looking for a romance that will last forever.
Empty November is a great unsigned alternative rock/pop punk quartet. This promising foursome will stir human emotion with soulful vocals and soothing alternative rock melodies. The quartet’s self titled debut EP will make one’s soul smile.
Band Website: http://www.facebook.com/EmptyNovembermusic/app178091127385

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