“daywand” by leslie snyder

“Please” EP
By Leslie Snyder
Another galactic adventure begins in Northampton, Pennsylvania from an independent psychedelic/shoegaze duo called Daywand. Daywand plays dark, yet ambient music about spaceships and nightmares that will literally send chills up one’s spine while sounding similar to Depeche Mode with their eerie chanting vocals and growling psychedelic rock melodies. Daywand released their latest EP “Please” on September 30, 2014 featuring two deeply haunting tracks.
The galactic adventure begins with darkness in the first track “Intro/Profuseless/Nitron.” This track features ominous and fluttering shoegaze melodies. This track is a frightening instrumental tale about two astronauts who are taking a space walk. Then, the two astronauts are suddenly captured by aliens. Finally, the galactic adventure ends with intolerable agony in the second track “Please (Part 1 & 2).” This track features ghoulish chanting vocals and growling psychedelic rock melodies. This track is an agonizing tale about a terrified person who has had a nightmare about a group of drooling monsters chasing this terrified person off of a cliff. The terrified person is begging the group of drooling monsters to stop chasing them.
Daywand is a great independent psychedelic rock/shoegaze duo that showcases mind blowing ambient rock melodies and will be around for years to come. The duo’s latest EP “Please” lets listeners know that Daywand is not afraid to explore strange new worlds.
Record Label: NOG Records
Band Website: http://www.restlesslifesyndrome.bandcamp.com

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