“Jeff & susanne Kelly” by leslie snyder

“By Reckless Moonlight”
By Leslie Snyder
The mysteries of life will come out of Seattle, Washington from an independent rock duo which happens to be a married couple named Jeff & Susanne Kelly. This open minded couple sings songs about human emotion such as misery, romance, and adultery while sounding similar to folk legends Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell with their soulful vocals and “rustic” rock melodies that will stir one’s soul with a very eclectic musical adventure.
Jeff & Susanne Kelly will release their latest CD “By Reckless Moonlight” on July 15, 2014 featuring thirteen “mind numbing” tracks that will keep many rock fans guessing because the storytelling that will occur throughout this collection of music. The mysterious adventure begins with darkness and misery “lurking” in the fifth track “The Witch of the Lake.” This track features sorrowful vocals and “eerie” rock melodies. This track is an ominous tale about a miserable person who is living on a beautiful lake. This miserable person is making the lives of the people who want to visit the beautiful lake unbearable due to the miserable person’s “nasty” attitude.
Meanwhile, the mysterious adventure continues with the hope of a new romance in the seventh track “Rowboat to the Moon.” This track features soulful, but “rustic” vocals and “sultry” blues rock melodies. This track is a heartwarming tale about a man who wants to ride is rowboat from the lake to the moon with a beautiful woman. The hopeful man wants to make the beautiful woman happy forever. Finally, the mysterious adventure ends with guilt in the tenth track “Never Tell.” This track features “moaning” vocals and “slithering” rock melodies. This track is a shameful tale about a man who is having an affair with a woman who is not his wife. The man vows to keep the secret of his “one night stand” so that his wife will never find out about it and leave him.
Jeff & Susanne Kelly are a great independent rock duo who sings songs about misery, romance, and adultery with passion and honesty. The duo’s latest CD “By Reckless Moonlight” combines soulful vocals and “rustic” rock melodies to tell heartfelt stories about life that affects every human emotion.
Record Label: Green Monkey Records
Artist Websites: http://www.thegreenpajamas.net

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