Corkbush field mutiny by leslie snyder

Corkbush Field Mutiny
“Night Parade”
By Leslie Snyder
Heartache oozes out of St. Louis, Missouri from an independent alternative rock duo called Corkbush Field Mutiny. This passionate duo sings songs about heartache and inner demons sounding similar to Radiohead with their “brooding” lyrics and sorrowful vocals that will surely bring tears to one’s eyes. Corkbush Field Mutiny released their fourth CD “Night Parade” on April 20, 2013 featuring ten “tear Jerking” tracks.
The sad journey begins with the first track “Furniture.” This track features sorrowful vocals and “eerie” acoustic melodies, along with a heavy dose of “gloomy” keyboards. This track is a heartbreaking tale about a couple who is breaking up. The man is desperately trying to keep his girlfriend from leaving, but to no avail. Meanwhile, sadness turns into happiness in the second track “Tyler Street.” This track features soulful vocals and “breezy” alternative rock melodies. This track is a peaceful tale about a man looking back at his past which was growing up on a quiet street.
Finally, the sad journey ends under a cloud of darkness in the third track “Molecule.” This track features “groaning” vocals and “brooding” alternative rock melodies. This track is a lonely tale about a person who is battling a drinking problem and living in absolute misery. This troubled person refuses to believe that his or her life will improve without alcohol being “front and center.”
Corkbush Field Mutiny is a great independent alternative rock duo with a passion for “eerie” sounding music. The duo’s fourth CD “Night Parade” will send chills up one’s spine.
Record Label: West Clark Records
Band Website:

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