Stonehaven by leslie snyder

“The Earth’s reset” EP
By Leslie Snyder
Heartache oozes out of Medford, New Jersey from an unsigned hard rock/metal trio called Stonehaven. This “bone rattling” trio sings songs about hopelessness and self doubt while sounding similar to Slayer with their “gritty” vocals and “thunderous” metal riffs that sound like Godzilla “stomping” angrily through the streets at night with reckless abandon. Stonehaven released their latest EP “The Earth’s reset” on October 19, 2013 featuring five “haunting” tracks that will let one know that the element of fear is all around humanity in today’s society.
The haunting journey begins with the first track “Reply.” This track features “gritty” vocals and heavy, ominous metal riffs. This track is a lonely tale about a man who is literally living in a world of darkness. The angry man is “lashing out” at the people who are trying to help him find happiness in his life. Meanwhile, the haunting journey continues with heartache in the second track “Falling Down.” This track features “groaning” vocals and “thunderous metal riffs. This track is a heartbreaking tale about a couple who is on the verge of a “nasty” breakup. The couple is trying to pick out one another’s faults rather than trying to fix their relationship.
Finally, the haunting journey ends under a cloud of self doubt in the third track “Sunshine.” This track features “moaning” vocals and “slithering” metal riffs. This track is a sad tale about a beautiful woman who feels worthless and has no hope in her life. The sad woman thinks that she does not deserve to be happy.
Stonehaven is a great unsigned hard rock/metal trio that sings songs about heartbreak and hopelessness with “slithering” metal riffs. The trio’s latest EP “The Earth’s reset” will literally turn the world upside down with its ominous lyrics.
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