Slam suzzanne by leslie snyder

Slam Suzzanne
“On the Floor with Your Mom”
By Leslie Snyder
Anger oozes out of Seattle, Washington from a raucous independent skater punk/metal quartet called Slam Suzzanne. Slam Suzzanne sings songs about the absolute disrespect of authority, the “pitfalls” of constant partying, and the adjustment from the teenage lifestyle to adulthood with an obnoxious attitude sounding similar to The Ramones and Metallica with their “screaming” vocals and “thunderous” punk/metal melodies that sound like a freight train rolling down the tracks.
Slam Suzzanne released their re-mastered version of the CD “On the Floor with Your Mom” on April 20, 2014 featuring fourteen “ear piercing” tracks that will literally make one’s neighbors run for cover. This raucous quartet began their journey with a heavy underground following in the early 1990’s because of the “brooding” nature of the music that was coming out of Seattle during that period of time. However, Slam Suzzanne had their own “brash” and loud view of the world around them. This collection of music is relevant to today’s music scene because it gives punk rock fans a voice and a glimmer of hope.
The angry journey begins with the first track “No Food.” This track features “screaming” vocals and “thunderous” punk/metal melodies. This track is an obnoxious rant about a group of young kids who are feeling disrespected, or “starved” by those individuals who are in authority. These young kids are mad at the world because no one seems to care about their fears and needs. Meanwhile, the angry journey continues in the fifth track “Get Out.” This track features more “screaming” vocals and “brooding” punk/metal melodies. This track is an agonizing tale about a young man who is getting really tired of a party and the rowdy people who are making a huge mess in his house.
Finally, the angry journey ends with a walk down memory lane in the sixth track “Skate.” This track features “gritty” vocals and “thunderous” punk/metal melodies. This track is a reflective tale about a man who misses being a teenager and being able to ride his skateboard whenever he chooses to do so. However, the man realizes that adulthood carries a lot more responsibility.
Slam Suzzanne is a great independent skater/punk metal quartet. They are not afraid to speak their minds with loud and obnoxious melodies. This raucous quartet’s latest CD “On the Floor with Your Mom” will let people know that it is okay to be who they want to be and to have a great time.
Record Label: Green Monkey Records
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