“LT turntable” by leslie snyder

“Lazy Dynamite”
By Leslie Snyder
A long strange trip begins in Red Bank, New Jersey from an unsigned funk/pop rock artist named LT Turntable. LT Turntable likes to explore new avenues with his whimsical brand of funk and pop rock music while singing about a post apocalyptic world, traveling into outer space, and finding true love. LT Turntable sounds similar to Velvet Underground with his “chanting” vocal harmonies and “bubbly” pop rock melodies that will make listeners “scratch” their heads in amazement. LT Turntable released his latest CD “Lazy Dynamite” on December 31, 2013 featuring eleven “galactic” sounding tracks.
The strange trip begins with the first track “Oh, Lazy Dynamite.” This track features “zombie” like vocal chants throughout the track and “bubbling” pop rock melodies. This track is a haunting tale about people who are living in a post apocalyptic world after a large meteor hit the Earth. People are wandering around “aimlessly” and wondering how to put their lives back together after this horrific event. Meanwhile, the strange trip continues with the second track “By the Moon.” This track features more “zombie” like vocal chants and “gurgling” pop rock melodies, along with a soft piano melody lightly “floating” throughout the track. This track is a heartwarming tale about an astronaut who is taking a long space walk.
Finally, the strange trip ends with the possibility of romance in the third track “Here, Near Deer.” This track features soulful vocals and “breezy” pop rock melodies. This track is a hopeful tale about a man who is anxiously waiting to meet a beautiful woman and possibly spend the rest of his life with her.
LT Turntable is a great unsigned funk/pop rock artist who is not afraid to push musical boundaries. LT Turntable’s latest CD “Lazy Dynamite” will definitely prove this point.

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