“guns out at sundown”by leslie snyder

Guns Out At Sundown
“Fear Not the Fallen”-“Cowboy Killer” (Single Review)
By Leslie Snyder
Fear is unleashed out of Oakland, Maryland from an unsigned hard rock quintet called Guns Out at Sundown. This “hard charging” quintet sings a song about living life on one’s own terms while sounding similar to Pantera with their “snarling” vocals and loud, “grinding” metal riffs that sound like a freight train “barreling” through a busy city. The fearful story is told in the “thunderous” single “Cowboy Killer” which is from the quintet’s second CD “Fear Not the Fallen.” This CD was released in 2012.
This track is an obnoxious rant about people who have no respect for authority and choose to live their lives on their own terms. These people refuse to be “stepped on” by the bureaucrats in society. Guns Out at Sundown are a fierce unsigned hard rock quintet with an unapologetic attitude. Guns Out at Sundown will make fans of “old school” hard rock music very proud. The quintet’s unapologetic philosophy about life will let people know that it is all right to live one’s own life.
Band Websites: http://www.facebook/gunsoutatsundown


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