Slaugh by Leslie snyder

“The Sluagh” EP
By Leslie Snyder
A feeling of hopelessness comes out of Atlantic City, New Jersey from an unsigned alternative rock/doom metal trio called The Sluagh. This trio sings about hopelessness in the dark “underbelly” of society while sounding similar to Metallica with their “groaning” vocals and “thunderous” doom metal melodies. The Sluagh released their latest self titled EP on March 7, 2014 featuring five “nerve racking” tracks that will make listeners sweat like crazy due to intense fear.
The fearful journey begins with the sound of teeth rattling in the first track “Hysterical Blindness.” This statement best describes this dark instrumental track which features “moaning” alternative rock melodies. This track is an ominous tale about a troubled individual who is “sweating” in a dark room and feeling hopeless while engaging in various undesirable activities. Finally, the fearful journey ends with feelings of guilt in the second track “Nightmare.” This track features “groaning” vocals and ominous doom metal melodies, along with “thunderous” drum beats that sound like King Kong has been “stomping” through the city streets at night. This track is an anxious tale about a man who is being haunted by his guilty conscience over his past mistakes. The man desperately wants to make amends for his past mistakes because he is tired of living in what seems like a “never ending” nightmare.
The Sluagh is a fierce unsigned alternative rock/doom metal trio that sings songs about the dark “underbelly” of society with “reckless abandon.” The Sluagh combines “groaning” vocals and “thunderous” doom metal melodies to tell their story of hopelessness and fear. The trio’s self titled EP lets people know that life is full of negativity. However, people must turn their lives around for the better in order to end their years of emotional torment because life is too short to be unhappy.
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