“demons to diamonds” by leslie snyder

R Garcia Band
“Demons to Diamonds”
By Leslie Snyder
Life has many twists and turns according to the independent six member alternative/punk rock band out of Atlanta, Georgia called the R Garcia Band. The R Garcia Band sings songs about heartache and loneliness while sounding similar to the late Frank Zappa with their “robotic” vocals and “slithering” pop rock melodies that will send chills up one’s spine. The R Garcia Band released their latest CD “Demons to Diamonds” on January 18, 2014 featuring seven “gloomy” tracks.
The sad journey begins with the first track “Strings Attached.” This track features a “galactic” electronic sound which sounds like the Pac-Man video game, and includes “weeping” vocals. This track is about a person who has literally been given a “raw deal” in life. This person cannot seem to get ahead in life no matter how hard he or she tries. Meanwhile, the sad journey continues with heartache in the second track “Black Hearts Break.” This track features a “gloomy” introduction that sounds like a couple who is “writhing” in each other’s emotional torment. This track also features “slithering” pop rock melodies and more “robotic” vocals. This track is a heartbreaking tale about a stubborn couple who is on the verge of ending their tumultuous relationship.
Finally, the sad journey ends with loneliness in the third track “Pizza Time!” This track features “groovy” pop rock melodies and sorrowful vocals. This track is a lonely tale about a heartbroken man who wants to be left alone to play his favorite video games and eat pizza which happens to be his comfort food.
The R Garcia Band is a great independent alternative/punk rock band who sings songs about the “dark side” of life with sorrowful vocals and “slithering” pop rock melodies. The band’s latest CD “Demons to Diamonds” will remind people that society can be cruel. However, it is how people choose to deal with adversity that can make a difference in the outcomes of peoples’ lives.
Record Label: Fort Karate Records
Band Website: http://www.soundcloud.com/4rcia/sets/demons-to-diamonds

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