Faux Canada by leslie snyder

Faux Canada
“The Day We Became Houseguests”-Single Review
By Leslie Snyder
Sadness is looming in San Francisco, California from an unsigned electronic/pop rock trio called Faux Canada. This “eerie” trio sings songs about heartache and looking forward to the future for a more peaceful life without a lot of emotional turmoil. Faux Canada sounds similar to Missing Persons with their sorrowful vocals and haunting pop rock melodies, along with “icy” keyboards that will send “chills” up one’s spine. Faux Canada released the “heart wrenching” single “The Day We Became Houseguests” on January 14, 2014.
This track features “angelic,” but “weeping’ vocals and haunting pop rock melodies, along with “icy” keyboards that bring out the sadness that one will feel when listening to the track. This track is a heartbreaking tale about a couple who is on the verge of a breakup. The woman is tired of her boyfriend criticizing every little thing that she does. However, the heartbroken woman is determined to move on with her life and live in peace without the constant criticism.
Faux Canada is a great unsigned electronic/pop rock trio that will be around for many years. Faux Canada has remarkable musicianship with the ability to bring dark music into the light with passion and honesty. This trio will remind people that romance can be extremely painful when it ends.
Band Website: http://www.dropbox.com/s/p1rxga0ygffzt6q/FauxCanadaHouseguestprojector.zip

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