“high diamond” by leslie snyder

“Broken”-Video Review
By Leslie Snyder
Heartache oozes out of Toronto, Ontario Canada from an unsigned pop/dance duo called High Diamond. High Diamond sings about finding hope after heartache in the video “Broken” which was released in December 2013. This “high energy” pop/dance single features soulful vocals and heavy “pulsating” dance beats throughout the track.
This track is an agonizing, but hopeful tale about a woman who is heartbroken after a painful breakup with her boyfriend. However, the heartbroken woman realizes that she is better off living life on her own terms rather than being treated badly by a man who claims to love her, but really has no clue about what love truly is. The heartbroken woman knows that she will eventually find “Mr. Right” as she slowly travels down that long, winding road called life.
High Diamond is a brilliant unsigned pop/dance duo that has a promising future on today’s music scene with soulful vocals and “groovy” dance beats that will surely make one want to show off their dance moves good, or bad. High Diamond lets people know that romance can hurt, but it does not have to mean that the world is coming to an end. However, a breakup is a “bump” in that long, winding road called life in which people will travel down at one time or another.
Band Website: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPsilGTsCLY

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