“cult choir-cobwebs” by leslie snyder

Cult Choir
“Cobwebs (Split EP W/Selah.Selah)”
By Leslie Snyder
Get ready to “squirm” from anxiety when one hears the latest collection of music from an unsigned alternative/psychedelic artist named Shane Graybill who is from Denver, Pennsylvania. Cult Choir released his most intense and darkest material to date called “Cobwebs (Split EP W/Selah.Selah). This latest release came out on December 18, 2013 featuring four “spooky” tracks that will surely make one’s teeth rattle. Cult Choir sounds similar to The Velvet Underground with “moaning” vocals and “ghoulish” sounding alternative and psychedelic rock melodies.
The haunting nightmare begins with the first track “Demons.” This track features “moaning” vocals and “eerie” alternative/psychedelic rock melodies that sound like a group of witches “cackling” throughout the track. This track is a lonely tale about a troubled man and his past mistakes constantly following him wherever he tries to go. These feelings of doubt and guilt make the troubled feel hopeless. Therefore, the troubled man sees no light at the end of his dark tunnel.
Meanwhile, the haunting nightmare continues with the second track “Wayfaring Stranger.” This track features “quivering” vocals that sound like a ghost is following a scared man around an further instilling the intense fear within him. This “gloomy” track also features “snarling” alternative/psychedelic rock melodies. This track is a depressing tale about an introverted man who has spent his entire life wandering “aimlessly” though the streets. This introverted man has made absolutely no attempt to make any positive changes in his life. So, the introverted man has chosen to feel sorry for himself for the remainder of his lifetime.
Finally, the haunting nightmare ends with a ray of hope in the third track “Believer.” This track features “groaning” vocals and “icy” alternative/psychedelic rock melodies. This track is a “heart wrenching” tale about a lonely man who is desperately hoping to find a woman he can trust and who believes in him without a doubt in her mind. The lonely man is tired of being lied to and taken advantage of by individuals who claimed to have cared about the lonely man. However, these “crooked” individuals really did not care about the lonely man they were just out to make his life absolutely miserable.
Cult Choir is an excellent unsigned alternative/psychedelic rock creation of artist Shane Graybill. The latest release “Cobwebs (Split EP W/Selah.Selah)” has a much darker sound than Shane Graybill’s previous releases. This collection of music lets people know that loneliness and evil will continue “lurk” among humanity which will make people fearful on a daily basis. This intense anxiety will live on until the earth stops spinning on its axis.

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