“nature boy explorer” by leslie snyder

Nature Boy Explorer
“One of These Days” EP
By Leslie Snyder
An emotional rollercoaster roars out of Fredericksburg, Virginia from an independent pop rock trio called Nature Boy Explorer. This “lighthearted” pop rock trio sings songs about love, heartache, and laughter while sounding similar to the late folk icon Jim Croce with their soulful vocals and “rustic” acoustic pop rock melodies that are sure to warm the hearts of listeners the world over. Nature Boy Explorer released their second EP “One of These Days” on January 21, 2014 featuring six whimsical tracks.
The breathtaking journey begins with the first track “One of These Days.” This track features “breezy” acoustic pop rock melodies and soulful vocals. This track is a reflective tale about a man who is trying to find his place in the world. However, the man falls hopelessly in love with a beautiful woman. The man realizes that he has to establish himself in society in order to provide a stable and loving home for himself and the beautiful woman who is the love of his life.
Meanwhile, the breathtaking journey continues with heartache in the second track “Beautiful.” This track features “crisp” acoustic pop rock melodies that sound like a hummingbird “fluttering” throughout the track, along with “angelic,” but sorrowful vocals that sound like a woman who has been sobbing uncontrollably. This track is an agonizing tale about a woman who has suddenly found herself feeling broken hearted and very lonely. However, the broken hearted woman will soon realize that she will eventually find her soul mate.
Finally, the breathtaking journey ends with a little bit of laughter in the fourth track “Birthday.” This track features a “bubbly” pop rock melody that sounds like children playing on a carnival ride on a sunny day, along with soulful, rustic vocals that will bring out the happy tone of the track. This track is a heartwarming tale about a man who is singing “Happy Birthday” to his girlfriend at the carnival. The couple wants this day to last forever.
Nature Boy Explorer is an excellent independent pop rock trio who continues to prove their relevance on today’s music scene. The trio’s second EP “One of These Days” has a more “rustic” sound than their previous release. Nature Boy Explorer reminds people to not be afraid to express one’s emotions and to share some important life experiences with people that we love and trust with all of our hearts.
Record Label: Royal Livermush Records
Band Websites: http://www.soundcloud.com/nature-boy-explorer/sets/one-of-these-days-ep


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