“Various stages of ice” by leslie snyder

“Various Stages of Ice”
By Leslie Snyder
Bitterness oozes out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from an unsigned cult rock quartet called Haggard. Haggard sings songs about loneliness and heartache while sounding similar to Hole and Jefferson Airplane with their “weeping” vocals and “gloomy” psychedelic rock melodies which are perfect for a rainy day. Haggard released their latest CD “Various Stages of Ice” on November 13, 2013 featuring nine dreary tracks about seeing no hope for the future.
The bitter adventure begins with the first track “Willow Willow.” This track features sorrowful vocals and dark, “breezy” psychedelic rock melodies. This track is a sad tale about a woman who is very unhappy. The woman refuses to find constructive activities to slowly ease her unhappiness. So, the troubled woman continues to find it much easier to sit around and complain about being bored and feeling hopeless. Meanwhile, the bitter adventure continues with the second track “Loner.” This track features more “weeping” vocals and “moaning” psychedelic rock melodies. This track is a depressing tale about a lonely woman who has been heartbroken for many years. The lonely woman is desperately seeking friendship so that her future will be a little brighter.
Finally, the bitter adventure ends with the third track “Shock of Noise.” This track features “sobbing’ vocals and slow, “icy” psychedelic rock melodies. This track is a “heart wrenching” tale about a troubled woman who is trapped by all of the emotional calamities that have happened during her lifetime. The troubled woman longs for a little bit of peace and quiet in her life.
Haggard is a brilliant unsigned cult rock quartet who brings dark psychedelic rock to light with “gloomy” melodies and cold, “icy” lyrics. The quartet’s latest CD “Various Stages of Ice” will let listeners know that the game of life is not always “warm and fuzzy.” The game of life can be very cruel.
Band Website: http://www.haggard.bandcamp.com/


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