They cage the animals by leslie snyder

“Somewhere in Westegg”-Single Review
By Leslie Snyder
Heartache oozes out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida from an independent six member pop, rock, experimental band called They Cage the Animals. They Cage the Animals sound similar to Pink and Scandal with their soulful vocals and “fiery” pop rock melodies, along with an “icy” experimental sound with keyboards that will make listeners “shiver” with excitement.
They Cage the Animals will release their latest CD “Something Beautiful” on January 28, 2013 featuring five “heart wrenching tracks. The first track “Somewhere in Westegg” features “angelic,” but sorrowful vocals and “weeping” pop rock melodies. This track is a heartbreaking tale about a woman who is emotionally shattered after a painful breakup with a man that she truly loved. The heartbroken woman thought she was going to be with this man forever. However, the man that she loved had very different ideas about the future that did not include his former girlfriend.
They Cage the Animals are a great independent pop, rock, experimental band that sings songs about life and love with raw emotion and are relevant to today’s music scene. This band has a very promising future and is definitely worth listening to.
Record Label: Truce Music Group
Band Website:


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