“I’m sorry tschem” (hidden by the grapes)-by Leslie Snyder

“I’m Sorry Tschem”
By Leslie Snyder
Sadness oozes out of Graz, Austria from an independent alternative/post punk trio called Hidden by the Grapes. Hidden by the Grapes released their latest CD “I’m Sorry Tschem” on August 27, 2013 featuring eleven “heart wrenching” tracks about loneliness and heartache. This trio sounds very similar to The Cure and Velvet Underground with their “icy” alternative/post punk melodies and “gloomy” lyrics. This is the perfect collection of music to want to listen to on a rainy day.
The lonely journey begins with the first track “She Courtney loves you.” This track features “screaming” vocals and “grinding” post punk melodies. This track is a dark tale about a troubled man who is obsessed with someone he cannot have. This troubled man is jealous of this person’s success. Meanwhile, the lonely journey continues with the fourth track “Don’t Let Me Robert Downey Jr.” This track features both “weeping” and “screaming” vocals, along with “thunderous” post punk melodies that sound like a locomotive “roaring” out of control down the tracks. This track is a depressing tale about a troubled person who is battling addiction. This troubled person is extremely lonely and feels hopeless.
Finally, the lonely journey ends with the seventh track “Sean Penny Lane.” This track features ominous, but “groovy” alternative rock melodies and “moaning” vocals. This track is a sad tale about a man who regrets treating his family and friends badly. So, the man is hoping to make amends for his past mistakes while looking forward to a brighter future.
Hidden by the Grapes is a brutally honest alternative/post punk trio who sings songs about emotional turmoil with a fierce punk rock attitude. The trio’s latest CD “I’m Sorry Tschem” is a very “gloomy” collection of music that can make people feel sad.
Record Label: Pumpkin Records (AT), Canton Records
Band Website; http://www.hiddenbythegrapes.bandcamp.com/album/im-sorry-tschem-2013


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