“your thin paper wings” by leslie snyder

“Your Thin Paper Wings”
By Leslie Snyder
The suspense builds in Toms River, New Jersey from an independent experimental/electronic project called Soap and Foam. Soap and Foam is the creation of a solo artist named Abhilash Buch. Soap and Foam released his third CD Your Thin Paper Wings” on January 1, 2014 featuring ten emotionally intense tracks that sound similar to the Chemical Brothers with their “icy” electronic keyboards and “thumping” drum beats that will make a person “tremble” with excitement.
The heart pounding journey begins with the first track “Grand Theft Auto.” This is an instrumental track that features “galactic” sounding keyboards and heavy drums “pulsating” throughout the track. This track is a “nerve racking” tale that sounds like a Corvette is being led on a “high speed” chase through the busy city streets late at night. Meanwhile, the tension eases in the second track “Heal.” This track is another amazing instrumental track which features cool electronic keyboards that bring out the soft, “breezy” tone in the track. This track is a peaceful tale about a person who is enjoying a warm summer day with friends and family. This person is relaxed and is able to forget about the stress of his job for a little while.
Finally, the heart pounding journey ends with discontent in the third track “Born Better.” This instrumental track has a “gloomy” tone featuring “icy” keyboards that sounds like a person’s guilty conscience is haunting them. This track is an angry tale about a person who is tired of being mistreated by the people around them. So, this troubled person is willing to change their behavior in order to rise above an undesirable way of life.
Soap and Foam is a great independent experimental/electronic solo project that uses “icy,” suspenseful, or peaceful instrumentation to describe human emotion. These human emotions are: happiness, sadness, or anxiety. Soap and Foam’s third CD “Your Thin Paper Wings” will make fans of experimental/electronic music very happy.
Record Label: Speakerkicker Records
Artist Websites: http://www.soapandfoam.bandcamp.com/


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