“Xmas-30 years in the making” by leslie snyder

Tom Dyer
“Xmas-30 Years in the Making”
By Leslie Snyder
A glimmer of hope comes out of Seattle, Washington from an independent pop rock artist and producer named Tom Dyer. Tom Dyer released his debut Christmas CD “Xmas-30 Years in the Making” on December 9, 2013. This glorious collection of warm holiday music features fifteen tracks with both traditional and original music that will warm the hearts of many independent pop rock fans the world over.
The glorious journey begins with the first track “It’s Christmas (And I’m jolly).” This track features warm, “bellowing” Santa Claus laughs and the faint sound of bells ringing, along with a chorus harmonizing throughout the track. This track is a joyful tale about people enjoying Christmas Day with friends and family.
Finally, the glorious journey ends a glimmer of hope for the future in the seventh track “Peace on Earth.” This track is an old Christmas classic that has had a “groovy” pop rock makeover. This track is an instrumental track featuring “breezy” pop rock melodies, along with the “crisp” sound of bells ringing in the background. This track is a beautiful tale about the hope and love that the holiday season can bring. However, people really need to be respectful to one another the entire twelve months of the year.
Tom Dyer is a great independent pop rock artist and producer who show cases his cool vocal harmonies and outstanding musicianship. Tom Dyer’s debut Christmas CD “Xmas-30 Years in the Making” truly is a musical masterpiece. This wonderful collection of holiday music will let people know what Christmas is really about with humor and dignity.
Artist Website: http://www.greenmonkeyrecords.com


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