“wallah” by leslie snyder

“Keep the Change” EP
By Leslie Snyder
The trials and tribulations of romance are coming out of South Jersey from an unsigned rock quintet called Wallah. Wallah will release their debut EP “Keep the Change” on December 20, 2013 featuring four “soul stirring” tracks about the “rocky road” called romance. Wallah sounds similar to Elvis Costello with their soulful vocals and “gritty” rock melodies that are filled with passion and discontent.
The tumultuous journey begins with the first track “Swerve.” This track features soulful vocals and “gritty” rock melodies. This track is an agonizing tale about a man who does not want the beautiful woman he loves to keep running away from her true feelings for him. Finally, the tumultuous journey ends with the third track “Garnett.” This track features sorrowful vocals and “weeping” rock melodies. This track is a heartbreaking tale about a man who is tired of his girlfriend’s indecision to continue or end their relationship. The man wants to be happy and live his life in peace.
Wallah is a great unsigned rock quintet that sings songs about the trials and tribulations of romance with passion and honesty as well as brilliant musicianship. The quintet’s debut EP “Keep the Change” lets everyone know that love is a crazy game that can make people happy or sad.
Band Website: http://www.wallahband.bandcamp.com

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1 Response to “wallah” by leslie snyder

  1. Buck says:

    Hey, great review! I was just wondering if there are any weeping or gritty rock melodies featured on this ep? Also, I’ve been looking to find some Costello-esque soulful lyrics, so I was wondering if there’s any of that featured in here as well.

    Great job,

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