“happy freakin’ holidays” by leslie snyder

Lump N’ Loaf Records presents Happy Freakin’ Holidays Vol. 5
By Leslie Snyder
Loads of holiday memories roll out of Central New Jersey from various independent artists including Jenny & The Felines and Bonk. Lump N’ Loaf Records released “Happy Freakin’ Holidays Vol. 5” in December 2013 featuring six joyful hits that will best describe the holiday season. First, the second track “Christmas don’t be late” is sung by Jenny & The Felines. This track has a heavy punk rock sound featuring “squeaking” vocals and “gritty” punk rock riffs. This track is a heartwarming tale about a group of people being excited about Christmas and the joy it can bring. So, the excited people cannot wait for Christmas.
Meanwhile, the holiday memories continue with the folk rock band Bonk. Bonk sings the fifth track which is called “Carol of the Bells.” This track has been given a fresh modern folk rock sound. This track features a violin “fluttering” throughout and “breezy” folk rock melodies. This track also features “angelic” vocals that will warm one’s heart and make them think of a sleigh and eating a lot of cookies.
Lump N’ Loaf Records presents “Happy Freakin’ Holidays Vol. 5” will be perfect for this holiday season when one is drinking a glass of eggnog in front of a warm fireplace.
Website: http://www.facebook.com/LumpnLoafRecords/app178091127385

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