“bat zuppel” by leslie snyder

Bat Zuppel
By Leslie Snyder
Angst oozes out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from an unsigned garage rock trio called Bat Zuppel. Bat Zuppel sings songs about finding one’s independence without following the rules set by those in authority. Bat Zuppel sounds similar to punk rock icons The Ramones with their “screaming” vocals and heavy, ”grinding” punk rock riffs that will make one’s eardrums explode. This raucous trio released their self titled CD on October 25, 2013 featuring eight “ear piercing” tracks that will drive both parents and neighbors absolutely crazy.
The loud journey begins with the first track “Enderby.” This track features “grinding” garage rock riffs. This track is an obnoxious rant about a troubled person who feels disrespected by many individuals around them. Finally, the loud journey ends with the second track “Independent Sales.” This track features “gritty” vocals and “thunderous” garage rock riffs. This track is a raucous tale about a group of young people who are in a rock band who want to get their music out to anyone who will listen. This group of ambitious young rockers will play anywhere they can.
Bat Zuppel is a great unsigned garage rock trio who is not afraid to speak their minds and bring back the “old school” punk rock sound. Therefore, the trio’s latest self titled CD will make the “die hard” punk rock fans proud which will make this collection of music an “instant classic.”
Band Website: http://www.batzuppel.bandcamp.com/album/bat-zuppel

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