“From Russia with love” in the morning review by leslie snyder

“Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters”
By Leslie Snyder
A cold wind blows out of Krasnoyarsk, Russia from an unsigned alternative/electronic rock band called In the Morning. In the Morning sings songs about the uncertainty that humanity must face in an unpredictable world while sounding similar to Coldplay with their soulful vocals and “eerie” electronic rock sound that will make a person’s bones rattle. In the Morning released their second CD “Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters” on September 27, 2013 featuring four “icy” tracks that make the world feel like a lonely place.
The gloomy journey begins with the first track “First Class.” This track features soulful vocals and a heavy medieval electronic rock sound like a dragon leaving the castle’s moat. This track is a dreary tale about a lonely person who is unwilling to stand up for his or her own beliefs. So, this person lets other people around them do the thinking for this person because he or she feels inadequate. Finally, the gloomy journey ends with the second track “Xavier.” This track features soulful vocals and a “haunting” medieval electronic rock sound. This track is a reflective tale about a person trying to understand the weird behavior of humanity. Therefore, this person will be able to relax and look back at the good memories of his or her past without any regrets.
In the Morning is a fantastic unsigned alternative/electronic rock band who sings songs about our planet’s uncertainty with a cold, dreary sound. The CD “Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters” will be a special treat for fans of dark alternative/electronic rock music.
Band Websites: http://www.inthemorning.bandcamp.com


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