Why Not the band by leslie snyder

“The EP”
By Leslie Snyder
Recklessness roars out of Atlantic City, New Jersey from an unsigned rock quartet called Why Not-The Band. Why Not-The Band sings songs about living life on the edge and making no apologies whatsoever. This raucous quartet sounds similar to Faith No More with their screaming vocals and “gritty” rock and hip hop melodies that can give a person “goose bumps.”
Why Not-The Band will release their latest self titled EP in early December featuring six obnoxious tracks about living a fast and dangerous life. For example, the third track “Higher” proves this point with “screeching” vocals and “grinding” rock melodies along with “scathing” hip hop rhymes. This track is an obnoxious rant about young people partying and having no respect for authority and engaging in various undesirable activities.
Why Not-The Band is a great unsigned rock quartet who sings songs about the “underbelly” of society with brutal honesty. The quartet’s latest EP will definitely make a person shiver and shake.
Band Websites: http://www.WhyNot-TheBand.com


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