“the human fight” by Leslie snyder

“The Human Fight”
By Leslie Snyder
Resentment oozes out of Atlantic City, New Jersey from an independent alternative/punk rock trio called Juggernaut Drunk. Juggernaut Drunk sings songs about hopelessness and heartache while sounding similar to Tom Waits with their “snarling” vocals and “gritty” alternative rock melodies. This raucous trio released their latest CD “The Human Fight” on July 12, 2013 featuring twelve obnoxious tracks about living life at the “school of hard knocks.”
The bitter journey begins with the first track “Year of the Crab.” This track features dark, but “groovy” alternative rock melodies and “snarling” vocals. This track is a lonely tale about a person who has been hurt by a painful breakup and the angry people who have treated them badly. Meanwhile, the anguish continues in the third track “Tired Hearts.” This track features “gritty” alternative rock melodies and “snarling” vocals. This track is a depressing tale about a group of broken hearted people talking about past regrets in each of their lives.
Finally, the bitter journey ends with heartache in the fourth track “Thunderbird.” This track features ominous alternative rock melodies and “moaning” vocals. This track is an angry tale about a woman who is mad at her former boyfriend for mistreating her. The woman hopes that her former boyfriend’s past behavior comes back to haunt him.
Juggernaut Drunk is a great independent alternative/punk rock trio who sings songs about living a hard life with no apologies. The CD “The Human Fight” exposes the dark side of human nature.
Record Label: Bitch-Ass Records
Band Website: http://www.juggernautdrunk.bandcamp.com


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