2013 elephant talk music award finalists

Was gonna wait till dec 1st to post my finalists in the local and non-local individual categories. But, I’ll post them now instead, starting with guitar. Followed by bass, drums, keys, and vocalists (male and female)
I’ll narrow this list down on dec 15th even further (3-5 in most categories )

Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait till the January 3rd awards show at Le grand fromage in Atlantic city for the overall winners in these categories.

You ready? Ok. Here it is.
(in no particular order)

Non-local guitar (15)

Justin jones-the mahlors
Zach Lo presti-out of the beardspace
Willie gammell-the galt line (3 time overall winner)
Shain honkonen-vilifi
Matti H-the glorious veins
Stan adamzyk-lupe Garu
Ryan Dehaven-the mahlors
Mike britt-Linus in the saaphire
Ev gold-cinema cinema
Jamie victor-sweet eureka
Johnny vines-creeptones
Marc jaffee-kingfisher
Cris slotoroff -the deafening colors
Diwas gurung-the rungs

Local guitar (15)-
Sean Gallagher -another vendetta
Alec sye-stonehaven
Rick land-resident stone
Jake Groen-fools’ pudding
Mat Hause-stonehaven
Nabid chowdbury-position 9
Brandon Ireland-the groove
Adam Dillion-whiskey danger heartache
Kevin Harrington-deardarkhead
Christian glomb-ill rendition
Rebel somers-whiskey danger heartache
Ray ward
Jim chivalette-no comply
Tom whaley-the secondside
Dylan Martello

Non-local bass-(15)

Sheldon magbanua-the glorious veins
Shawn hogan-Leoce!
Rick Reinhart-rrb
Dave frebo-kingfisher
Anthony Villar-the mahlors
Sam pinola-ghosts in the valley
Danny colon-the Seneca’s
Dylan Thomas-vilifi
G. Patrick polli-sweet eureka
Jeff McCain-the mahlors
Mike Mallon-red hill ramblers
Tanmay buch-purple suns
Kevin Savo-out of the beardspace
Joseph malek-humongous
Matt o’ Neil-out of the beardspace

Local bass-(15)

Loren rondeau-ill rendition
Ramon Lewis-why not
Dustin paugh-tie goes to the runner
Dixon gonzalez-position 9
Victor dibono-isn’t it always?
Sam Ross-resident stone
Andrew Wilson-zebras and bulls…
Greg orlandini-zer0
Rachel-Rachel and the flannels
Kevin McCauley-deardarkhead
Pat bell-the secondside
Sean heim-horseman 5
Adam Levine-the choices
Hugh burnside-juggernaut drunk

Non-local drums-(15)

Tj haslett-the mahlors (2 time winner)
Chris viner-when particles collide
Ethan Feinstein-out of the beardspace
Jake hogeland-vilifi
Tyler Schafer-humongous
Ari miller-sweet eureka
Chris ferry-Rushmore
Joe covell-red hill ramblers
Alex Millard-ghosts in the valley
Zach Lo presti-Linus in the saaphire
Paul claro-cinema cinema
Marx Lenin-the deafening colors
Lui wiggy Colemares-the glorious veins
Anders lindfors-willow talk
Bogi trifunovic-kingfisher

Local drums-(15)

Nick santangelo-stonehaven
Mike crossan-sensamotion band
Andrew Clark-the choices
Dave freeman-juggernaut drunk
Anthony Wagner-isn’t it always?
George McKee-keep em low
Gordon kabalska-the groove
Mike eckhert-meatplow
Joe Marino-the secondside
Josh fagan-circadian frequency
David loder-the only way
Leon castreze-ill rendition
Willson Wong-position 9
Ross Viviano-zebras and bulls…
Robert Weiss-deardarkhead

Non-local keys (5)
Sam gutman-out of the beardspace
Matt Montgomery-the Great socio
Laura fisher-Linus in the saaphire
Nolan James-the glorious veins
Jonathan kuhr-heels on fire

Non-local male vocalist (12)

Berto Munoz-The great socio
Justin jones-the mahlors
Paul pangman-the glorious veins
Shain honkonen-vilifi
John Arthur-the deafening colors
Jason Robison-wrath of typhon
Carmine stoppiello-creeptones
Tim McCollum-railroad fever
Jared costa
Rob Blake-ether Sunday
Andrew mcnicholas-senium
Dan Collins

Local male vocalist (12)

Chris Meckes-position 9
Cj Blake-tie goes to the runner
Chip rishell
Mat Hause-stonehaven
Fiore Troncone-horseman 5
Donny specs-juggernaut drunk
Evan heffron-the secondside
Christian Glomb-ill rendition
Steven delucry-the groove/Rachel
Joey collepardi-sensamotion band
Darragh Dooney-the only way
Ryan cheek-why not

Non local female vocalist (6)

Blythe Crawford-the galt line
Sasha alcott-when particles collide
Kiirstin marilyn
Kelley Cosgrove
Melissa mayhew-humongous
Sarah Jessica czechowski-Felix hunger

Local female vocalist- (6)

Cait Darcy-surrender Darcy
Annie Donahue-the copper ponies
Rebecca Nell
Amanda hyrns-heroes of modern earth
Mia Bergmann
Dez childs

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