Wondertaker by leslie snyder

By Leslie Snyder
A dark journey begins in eastern Pennsylvania from an independent experimental/ambient pop duo called Wondertaker. Wondertaker sings “eerie” songs about hopelessness and romance while sounding similar to the late Frank Zappa with their “gloomy” vocal chants and “icy” experimental sounds featuring pianos and keyboards “moaning” throughout the entire collection of music. Wondertaker released their self titled CD on October 20, 2013 featuring eight ominous tracks that will send chills up one’s spine.
The dark journey begins with the first track “The Dream.” This track features “chanting” vocals and “icy” piano melodies. This track is a depressing tale about a person who is having constant nightmares about his, or bad decisions in life. Meanwhile, romance finds its way into outer space in the fifth track “Love Letter.” This track features more “chanting” vocals and a “gloomy” experimental sound with keyboards “squealing” throughout the track. This track is a heartwarming tale about “Robby the Robot” finding a new girlfriend to join him on his numerous galactic adventures.
Wondertaker is a great independent experimental/ambient pop duo who blows one’s mind with different forms of instrumentation. The duo’s latest self titled CD will definitely make the hair stand up on the back of one’s neck.
Record Label: Vwyrd Wurd Records
Band Website: http://www.vwyrdwurd.bandcamp.com/album/wondertaker


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