The Green pajamas “November” by leslie snyder

The Green Pajamas
By Leslie Snyder
A groovy adventure begins in Seattle, Washington from an independent pop rock quartet called The Green Pajamas. The Green Pajamas sing songs about having fun and the trials and tribulations of romance while sounding similar to The Talking Heads with their “infectious” retro pop rock melodies and soulful vocals. This collection of music is called “November” and will be released on October 15, 2013 featuring nineteen whimsical, but sarcastic tracks about the melodrama called life.
The groovy adventure begins with the second track “Strange City Day.” This track features soulful vocals and “breezy” pop rock melodies, along with a “thumping” bass line. This track is a mellow tale about a person describing the way people act in a big city. One never knows what to expect because people are very spontaneous.
Meanwhile, the groovy adventure continues with romance blossoming in the third track “Get Away.” This track features soulful vocals and “bubbly” pop rock melodies, along with a “sultry” bass line. This track is a heartwarming tale about a couple who is looking forward to a romantic vacation in a warm and sunny place. Finally, the groovy adventure ends with heartache in the ninth track “This Tyme.” This track features “groaning” vocals and “gritty” pop rock melodies. This track is a heartbreaking tale about a man who has left a bad relationship. However, the man vows to find a more caring woman who will treat him with respect.
The Green Pajamas are a fantastic independent pop rock quartet who will take a lighthearted journey through the ridiculousness of humanity. The Green Pajamas latest CD “November” will make one’s heart smile.
Record Label: Green Monkey Records
Band Websites:

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