“visions and voices” by leslie snyder

Vanishing Apollo
“Visions & Voices”
By Leslie Snyder
The good times are rolling in Akron, Ohio from an independent six piece funk/psychedelic rock band called Vanishing Apollo. Vanishing Apollo sounds similar to Iggy Pop and The Guess Who with their “screaming” vocals and “gritty” funk rock melodies that will make parents “shake” in their shoes and the “rockers” party all night with reckless abandon.
Vanishing Apollo released their second CD “Visions & Voices” on January 3, 2013 featuring twelve “groovy” tracks that will definitely get a party started. The party begins with the first track “Pick it up.” This track features “screeching” vocals and “gritty” funk rock melodies, along with a “thumping” bass line that sounds like a nervous heartbeat. This track is an obnoxious tale about a man wanting to have a great time with a beautiful woman out on the dance floor.
Meanwhile, the party rolls on in the second track “Western Kings.” This track features “screaming” vocals and “slithering” funk rock melodies, along with a “sultry” bass line. This track is a raucous tale about a group of people who are traveling westward to party and have a great time. Finally, the party ends with a passionate romance growing in the fourth track “You and the Things you do.” This track features “sultry,” but “screeching” vocals and “rustic” funk rock melodies. This track is a “sultry” tale about a man who is deeply in love with his girlfriend. The man is very appreciative of what his girlfriend does and the relationship is a happy relationship.
Vanishing Apollo is a raucous six piece independent funk/ psychedelic rock band who will bring back classic funk rock with a “cool” and unapologetic modern style. The band’s second CD “Visions & Voices” lets people know that it is all right to party once in a while.
Record Label: Sutherland Records
Band Website: http://www.vanishingapollo.bandcamp.com

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