“the uprising ep”by leslie snyder

Coldharbour Lane
“The Uprising” EP
By Leslie Snyder
The earth will be shaken to the core from an unsigned six piece death core metal band out of Szekszard, Hungary called Coldharbour Lane. Coldharbour Lane sounds similar to Megadeth with their “thunderous” metal riffs that sound like Godzilla “stomping” through a large city at night with reckless abandon. Coldharbour Lane released their debut EP “The Uprising” on June 30, 2013 featuring three “ear piercing” instrumental tracks.
The ominous journey begins with the first track “Fire breather.” This track features “thunderous” metal riffs that sound like a large dragon chasing after people. Meanwhile, the ominous journey continues with the second track “Dismiss the Despair.” This track is a dreary tale featuring “gloomy” metal riffs. This track sounds like there is an awful battle brewing against the “little people” and the bureaucracy. However, the “little people” are winning the battle against the bureaucracy and fighting for their freedom.
Finally, the ominous journey ends with the third track “Bricks of Avarice.” This track is an “eerie” tale featuring “grinding” metal riffs along with the sound of a light melody of a piano “floating” throughout the track. This track sounds like the revolt against the bureaucracy has ended. So, the “little people” are celebrating and looking forward to the future. However, the “little people” are feeling a bit uncertain about their future after a long struggle for their freedom.
Coldharbour Lane is a great unsigned six piece death core metal band. Coldharbour Lane stands up for the less fortunate people in the world and gives them a voice. The band’s debut EP “The Uprising” will rattle one’s bones.


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