Tsunami house by leslie snyder

Tsunami House
“Phase One” EP
By Leslie Snyder
Heartache rushes out of Wellington, New Zealand from an unsigned melodic rock quintet called Tsunami House. Tsunami House sings songs about heartache and the drama that comes along with it. Tsunami House sounds similar to Pink Floyd with their “chanting” vocals and “eerie” melodic rock riffs that will make people “scratch” their heads. Tsunami House released their latest EP “Phase One” on June 5, 2013 featuring three “mind numbing” tracks.
The heart wrenching journey begins with the first track “Picket Fence.” This track features soulful vocals and “gritty” melodic rock riffs. This track is a sad tale about who had a beautiful house and a loving relationship. However, the man ended up alone and heartbroken. Finally, the heart wrenching journey ends with a lot of sleepless nights in the second track “Insomnia.” This track features “chanting” vocals and “haunting” melodic rock riffs. This track is an agonizing tale about a man who is tired of losing sleep over a failed romance. The man only wants to rest and live his life in peace.
Tsunami House is a “hard charging” unsigned melodic rock quintet. This quintet is not afraid to express their disgust over a failed romance and the “games people play.” Tsunami House’s latest EP “Phase One” definitely will give a person “goose bumps.”
Band Websites: http://www.tsunamihouse.bandcamp.com

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