Strung up bare by leslie snyder

“StrungUp Bare” EP
By Leslie Snyder
What is the most misunderstood human emotion? Well, an unsigned contemporary folk trio out of Liverpool, England says the answer is, love. StrungUp Bare released their three-track self titled EP in 2012 sounding similar to an early folk trio called Peter, Paul, and Mary with their soulful vocal harmonies and “airy” acoustic melodies that will surely soothe the soul/
Love is the most misunderstood human emotion because it can make people become “pig headed.” So, the first track “Stubborn Love” will explain love in this way. This track features soulful vocals and “airy” acoustic melodies, along with the soft melody of a violin “floating” throughout the track. This track is an honest tale about love being joyful and painful at the same time. However, people have to learn to move forward when a relationship comes to an end because people can find happiness elsewhere. People do not need to waste their lives over a failed romance.
StrungUp Bare is a wonderful unsigned contemporary folk trio who can explain heartache in a comforting and insightful way. The StrungUp Bare self titled EP is without a doubt a musical masterpiece.
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