Sea in the skyby leslie snyder

“Sea in the Sky” EP
By Leslie Snyder
Get ready for some “ear piercing” instrumental rock from an unsigned quartet out of San Francisco, California called Sea in the Sky. This quartet sounds similar to early Metallica with their loud and “thunderous” progressive rock melodies that sound like the world is coming to an end at any second. Sea in the Sky released their self titled five- track EP on May 30, 2013. This raucous quartet plays music that is great for late night parties that will wake up one’s neighbors and frighten parents the world over.
The raucous adventure begins with the first track “Future Babez.” This track describes a very loud party featuring both light and “thunderous” progressive metal riffs. This obnoxious party has a lot of young men surrounded by a lot of beautiful young woman in bathing suits on the beach on a hot summer day.
Meanwhile, the raucous adventure continues in the second track “Radical!” This track features heavy, “grinding” progressive metal riffs. This track is an obnoxious tale about a bunch of people who grew tired of the “status quo” and took over the world. Therefore, people are free and able to live their lives on their own terms.
Finally, the raucous adventure ends with the third track “Cosmonauts.” This track features even more “thunderous” progressive metal riffs. This track is an exciting tale about a group of “space enthusiasts” living their dream and riding a spaceship through the galaxy.
Sea in the Sky is a great instrumental rock quartet that is definitely not afraid to “dream big.” This quartet’s self titled EP will send chills up one’s spine.
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