Joequim barato by leslie snyder

“April to July” EP
By Leslie Snyder
Get ready to turn severe loneliness and self doubt into pure joy. One will begin this emotional journey by listening to the latest EP “April to July” released on May 11, 2013 featuring three “soul bearing” tracks These tracks are about finding a light at the end of a dark tunnel. This “spine tingling” collection of alternative ambient/dream pop comes from an independent solo artist out of Lima, Peru named Joaquim Barato. Joaquim Barato sounds similar to ABBA, but with ominous alternative/ambient melodies.
This heart wrenching journey begins with the second track “On My Way.” This track features “moaning” vocals and “weeping” alternative/dream pop melodies. This track is a lonely tale about a man who is full of regret about a few poor decisions that he had made in the past. However, the sad man is willing to make some positive changes in his life in order to make his future look a lot brighter. The sad man wants joy in his life so that he can begin to get rid of his “inner demons.”
Meanwhile, the heart wrenching journey ends with a glimmer of hope in the third track “On My Way” (Acoustic). This track features “sorrowful” vocals and even more light, “weeping” alternative/dream pop melodies that sound like a man who is sobbing uncontrollably, but ready for a brighter future filled with joy and laughter.
Joaquim Barato is a great independent alternative ambient/dream pop solo artist. This artist is able to combine dark and light ambient melodies with sad, “haunting” vocals with ease. The latest EP “April to July” goes from a rainy spring to a hot summer with an unbelievable calmness.
Record Label: Sonic Vessel. Petetico Recordings, El Vals del Conejo
Band Website:


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