“oh it’s the of” by leslie snyder

“Oh It’s the Of”
By Leslie Snyder
A strange trip begins in Roslyn, Washington from an independent rock pop quintet called The Of. The Of sounds similar to “foil rock” pioneers Devo and the late Frank Zappa with their “creepy” rock pop melodies that would be great in a horror, or science fiction movie that would send chills up one’s spine while listening to this cool, but offbeat “bone chilling” collection of music. The Of will release their latest CD “Oh It’s the of” on July 16, 2013 featuring twelve ominous tracks.
The frightening journey begins with the first track “Soft belly Crab Excerpt.” This track features “galactic” spoken word vocals and “groaning” rock pop melodies. This track is a lonely tale about a poor little creature living on the beach and constantly being overtaken by “crashing” ocean waves. Meanwhile, the frightening journey continues with the sixth track “Can’t Stop Listening.” This track features “eerie’ chanting and “brooding” rock pop melodies. This track is a devious tale about Martians trying to invade the Planet Earth.
Finally, the frightening journey ends with the eleventh track “Thrompnobulous.” This track is a dreary instrumental track featuring “chanting” sounds and “groaning” rock pop melodies, along with the sound of a gloomy cello “murmuring” throughout the track. This track is a dark tale about lonely people walking through a rainy city with absolutely no hope in their lives.
The Of is a great independent rock pop quintet who is not afraid to tackle the “fear of the unknown” with dark and obnoxious melodies that cover many different genres of music. The quintet’s latest CD “Oh It’s the Of” is a haunting, but whimsical journey through humanity’s wild imagination.
Record Label: Green Monkey Records
Band Websites: http://www.wearetheof.com

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  1. John Carey says:

    Thanks for the review, Leslie!

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