Godilla by leslie snyder

“Altered Beast” Single Review
By Leslie Snyder
One huge beast bursts out of its cave in Easton, Pennsylvania. The huge beast comes from an independent rap/hip hop artist named Godilla. Godilla raps about the harsh realities of life harsh, but steady rhymes sounding similar hip hop icon Dr. Dre. Godilla released the single “Lost in Scarcity” on May 10, 2013 from his new CD “Altered Beast.”
This “bone rattling” single is about people being lost in the “black hole” called bureaucracy. The “hard working” people keep our country going while the upper class continues to “live it up.” However, when the honest people stand up for their rights and beliefs, those within the bureaucracy “stomp out” the voices of the “hard working” people so that they cannot be heard. The bureaucrats in society get nervous when the honest people begin to speak out against societal injustices because the bureaucrats always have to be right.
Godilla is an awesome independent rap/hip hop artist who uses “growling” rhymes and “thunderous” beats to describe his disgust with today’s societal injustices. The latest CD “Altered Beast” is a must have in every hip hop fan’s collection. This fierce rap/hip hop music will have them “roaring” with pride.
Record Label: Red Phone Records
Artist Websites: http://www.youtube.com/user/freedomilla

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