Lucy paranormal by leslie snyder

By Leslie Snyder
Anger roars out of Baltimore, Maryland from an unsigned six man hard rock/alternative rock band called Lucy Paranormal. Lucy Paranormal sings about heartache and discontent with the status quo. Lucy Paranormal sounds similar to Metallica and Dokken with their “snarling” vocals and “edgy” hard rock melodies. Lucy Paranormal released their latest CD “Identities” on December 4, 2012 featuring ten “blistering” tracks that will shake the earth under one’s feet.
The gloomy adventure begins with heartache in the second track “A Betrayal is revealed.” This track is loaded with a lot of shouting and “gritty” alternative rock melodies. This track is about a couple who is breaking up. The man realizes that the woman he loved was lying to him throughout their relationship. Meanwhile, heartache turns into an uprising in the fourth track “We Are a New Breed.” This track features “snarling” vocals and “thunderous” hard rock riffs. This track is an obnoxious rant about the hard working people in society taking a stand against an overbearing bureaucracy.
Finally, the gloomy journey ends with a glimmer of hope in the ninth track “In A World So Paranormal.” This track features “snarling” vocals and loud, “grinding” alternative rock riffs. This track is a hopeful tale about people learning to coexist in an unpredictable world and live life to the fullest. People must not be afraid to reach for their goals and live out their dreams.
Lucy Paranormal is a great unsigned hard rock/alternative rock band who mixes classic hard rock melodies with a dark alternative rock sound. Lucy Paranormal will put “goose bumps” on one’s skin. The CD “Identities” will make fans of the classic hard rock sound proud.
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