Willow talk by leslie snyder

“Foreign Affairs”
By Leslie Snyder
A state of confusion lingers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from an unsigned electronic/experimental rock duo called Willow Talk. Willow Talk sings powerful songs about the injustices in today’s society and how people attempt to solve these injustices. Willow Talk sounds similar to Radiohead and Tool with their sorrowful lyrics and “gritty” experimental rock melodies along with elements of hip hop scattered throughout the CD. Willow Talk released their second CD “Foreign Affairs” on October 2, 2012 featuring nine mysterious tracks that will surely blow one’s mind.
The agonizing journey begins in the first track “Reflections.” This track features soulful vocals and “robotic” hip hop rhymes. This track is a hopeful tale about a woman looking at the world in a positive way. Even though, the world can be a crazy place to live in at times. Meanwhile, the mysteries of life surround humanity in the second track “Kaleidoscope.” This track features soft, “weeping” vocals and a “groaning” electronic sound. This track is an “eerie” tale about the world being full of many different colors. This means that there are many different cultures and ideologies. Therefore, the cultural “strain” can lead to overwhelming confusion and strife throughout the world.
Finally, the agonizing journey ends with heartache in the third track “And neither did you.” This track features sorrowful vocals and a “groaning” electronic sound. This track is a heartbreaking tale about a couple breaking up. The woman blames the man for the demise of the relationship and vice versa.
Willow Talk is a brilliant unsigned electronic/experimental rock duo that is not afraid to tap into different musical genres. The CD “Foreign Affairs” is an excellent collection of music.
Band Website: http://www.willowtalk.bandcamp.com/album/foreign-affairs


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