Aug 30th event

Sometimes it seems a little bit crowded for half a dozen or so promoters in the Atlantic city area but we have managed to co-exist long enough to plan an event on August 30th that will bring us all together (hopefully) in an effort to bring a harmonious breath of fresh air to a music scene that seemed to be choking on its own vomit.
Trash talk and segregation have left us divided but we are fortunate enough to have recognized this in time to make the change and get back on the right path.
For me it was a no brainer to set up this event and I’m very proud to say that within a day, 4 of the 5 local promoters I wanted to be part of this were not only committed but also very excited to join forces in an attempt to bring unity.
Despite all of our differences we all have one thing in common….
our love for music!

in the end that is all that matters.

Aug 30th @le grand fromage in Atlantic city (of course) brought to you by elephant talk indie music magazine, fearless entertainment, little house booking, jp entertainment, and more….

8-830 down-jp entertainment
830-9 up little house booking
9-930 down Tba
930-10 up Tba
10-1030 down fearless entertainment
1030-11 up elephant talk
11-1130 down little house booking
1130-12 up jp entertainment
12-1230 down elephant talk
1230-close fearless entertainment


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1 Response to Aug 30th event

  1. therungs says:

    love for music = a powerful force!

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