Tristan Reid by leslie snyder

“Love & the Fucked Up Noise inside My Head”
By Leslie Snyder
Dark secrets ooze out of Washington, D.C. from an independent ambient/experimental rock solo artist named Tristan Reid. Tristan Reid sings songs about inner turmoil and personal exploration while having very little respect for authority in society. Tristan Reid released his second CD “Love & the Fucked Up Noise inside My Head” on February 18, 2013 featuring two obnoxious tracks sounding similar to The Ramones and The Velvet Underground with “gloomy” ambient rock melodies and loud “snarling” noises throughout both tracks.
The raucous journey begins with the first track “My Creator.” This track features “snarling” chanting noises and “brooding” ambient rock melodies. This track is a dark tale about a man who is battling a lot of inner demons and blaming others for his problems. The troubled man refuses to take responsibility for his actions in order to change his life in a positive way. Finally, the raucous journey ends with human inhibitions running wild in the second track “OraL Sex.” This track features “howling” vocals and “grinding” ambient rock melodies. This track is an obnoxious tale about a man enjoying an extremely personal experience. The man wants to keep this particular personal experience private.
Tristan Reid has a promising future on today’s music scene with his ominous ambient/experimental rock music. Tristan Reid is not afraid to sing about subjects that are deeply personal. His second CD “Love & the Fucked up Noise inside My Head” might make people “squirm” due to its particular subject matter. However, one must decide for themselves.
Record Label: Sleepy Time Music


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