L.M.I. By leslie snyder

“L. M. I. II” EP
By Leslie Snyder
A dreary story begins in Lansdale, Pennsylvania from an unsigned punk rock, ska band called L. M. I. L. M. I. sings songs about hopelessness and drug addiction with no light at the end of the tunnel. L. M. I. released their EP “L. M. I. II” on November 13, 2012 featuring five “gloomy” tracks sounding similar to The Cure.
The heartbreaking journey begins with the first track “No Destination.” This track features “moaning” vocals and “eerie” punk rock and ska melodies. This track is a lonely tale about a relationship that is ending because it is no longer a healthy and loving relationship. Meanwhile, darkness hovers over a troubled individual in the second track “Dayglo.” This track features “moaning” vocals and heavy, “grinding” punk rock riffs, along with a “thumping” bass line that sounds like a nervous person having a cold sweat. This track is a dark tale about a troubled individual who is battling drug addiction. This tortured soul sees no way out of the darkness.
Finally, the heartbreaking journey ends with loneliness in the third track “Give In.” This track features “screaming” vocals and “thunderous” punk rock riffs. This track is an obnoxious rant about an angry man who has no hope in his life. The angry man feels like he is an absolute failure and his future will not change no matter what he tries to do.
L. M. I. is a great punk rock/ska band who sings about very serious issues in today’s society. The “L. M. I. II” EP definitely puts darkness back into punk rock music with brutal honesty.
Band Website: http://www.lmiband.bandcamp.com


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