Ed tang & the chops by leslie snyder

“Goodbye, Zen 5, Sushi Dinner”
By Leslie Snyder
The good times are rolling in Asbury Park, New Jersey from an independent folk rock band called Ed Tang & the Chops. Ed Tang & the Chops sing simple songs about finding one’s place in life, seeing the world through a young child’s eyes, and making up for past mistakes. Ed Tang & the Chops sound similar to folk icon Bob Dylan with “gritty” vocals and “rustic” acoustic folk rock melodies. Ed Tang & the Chops released their second CD “Goodbye, Zen 5, Sushi Dinner” on January 1, 2013 featuring nine soul bearing tracks that will surely tug at one’s heart strings.
The soul searching journey begins with the first track “Vaya.” This track features “gritty” vocals and “breezy” acoustic folk rock melodies, along with a harmonica “murmuring” throughout the track. This track is a reflective tale about a man leaving his home to find his place in the world, and thinking about past memories. Meanwhile, a gentle breeze blows in the third track “Lincoln.” This track features soulful vocals and light piano melodies “floating” throughout the track, along with light folk rock melodies. This track is a heartwarming tale about a man looking at the world through the eyes of a young child. The man is intrigued with ho innocent the world seems when a child becomes curious about his, or her surroundings.
Finally, the soul searching journey ends with a second chance in the fourth track “Recharged.” This track features “gritty” vocals and “rustic” acoustic folk rock melodies. This track is a hopeful tale about a man wanting to make amends for his past mistakes. Also, the man wants to rekindle a romance with a beautiful woman. The man has learned from his mistakes and wants to move forward.
Ed Tang & the Chops is a fantastic independent folk rock band with brilliant musicianship. The CD “Goodbye, Zen 5, Sushi Dinner” will put a smile on one’s face. Also, telling people “don’t sweat the small stuff.” This collection of music is folk rock at its finest.
Record Label: Ed Tang Music
Band Websites: http://www.edtangmusic.bandcamp.com/album/goodbye-zen5-sushi-dinner


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