Sios by leslie snyder

“Halcyon Failure”
By Leslie Snyder
An ominous cloud hovers over Elizabeth, New Jersey. This ominous cloud comes from an independent progressive rock quartet called SIOS. SIOS sounds similar to the late Frank Zappa and Metallica with their “snarling” vocals and “thundering” progressive rock melodies that will literally make one shiver. SIOS released their second CD “Halcyon Failure” on October 26, 2012 featuring thirteen “brooding” tracks that will make “goose bumps” appear on the skin.
The nightmare begins with the second track “The Garden Of Shades.” This track features “howling” vocals and loud, rigid progressive rock melodies. This track is an “eerie” tale about the world having many good and bad sides to it. A disgruntled man says that he is proud of what he has accomplished. However, the people around the disgruntled man are not happy about what he has become. Meanwhile, heartache rages on in the third track “Karmatic.” This track features “snarling” vocals and “gloomy” progressive rock melodies, along with a “thumping” bass line. This track is a heartbreaking tale about a woman’s “evil ways” coming back to haunt her long after her previous relationship has ended.
Finally, the nightmare ends with a feeling of deep regret in the eighth track “Heaven.” This track features sorrowful vocals and dreary progressive rock melodies. This track is a heart wrenching tale about a troubled man who feels he will be in heaven even though he has done some less than desirable activities throughout his life. The troubled man feels that he will be at peace when he gets to heaven.
SIOS is a brilliant independent progressive rock quartet that will be around for years to come. “Halcyon Failure” will let people know that life does not always run smoothly. This CD is perfect for fans who like darker rock music.
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