On the offense by leslie snyder

On the offense
By Leslie Snyder
Brutal honesty roars out of New York, New York from an independent hardcore quintet called On the Offense. On The Offense sounds similar to Anthrax with their rough, “gritty” rock melodies. The lead vocalist for On the Offense is on the New York City police force and makes no apologies about life on the beat because life in the city can be extremely harsh at times. On the Offense released their debut CD “Frontline” in 2011.
The first two “bone chilling” tracks from the quintet’s debut CD tells the story of the harsh realities of city life. The brutal journey begins with the first track “We’re all good.” This track features “screaming” vocals and rough, “gritty” rock melodies. This track is an obnoxious rant about a man being angry about being disrespected by the people around him, even though he tries to do the right thing. However, no matter what the man does it will never be good enough for the people around him. So, the angry man has to keep moving forward. Next, the brutal journey begins with the second track “Four Hundred list.” This track features more “screaming” vocals and “brooding” rock melodies that sound like Godzilla “stomping” through the city. This track is an ominous tale about a lot of bureaucrats stomping on the “little people” in society.
On the Offense is a “hard hitting” independent hardcore quintet that sings about the “under belly” of society with a fierce attitude. On the Offense tells rock and roll fans yes, a police officer knows how to rock out.
Record Label: Dead City Records
Band Website: http://www.reverbnation.com/ontheoffense


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