Leoce! By leslie snyder

Leoce Demo
By Leslie Snyder
A gentle breeze blows out of Richboro, Pennsylvania from an unsigned alternative rock trio called Leoce. Leoce was founded in October of 2012 and has been playing in various clubs throughout the Commonwealth Of Pennsylvania. This “easy going” trio sounds similar to The Dave Matthews Band and Santana with their fun and carefree lyrics about life’s simple pleasures and “sultry” rock melodies that are sure to stir the human spirit.
Everyone knows that life is an unexpected journey that can bring a person to the possibility of finding true love. Leoce sings about the possibility of romance with the heartwarming single “Sit and Wonder” released on March 27, 2013. This track features soulful vocals and “sultry” alternative rock melodies, along with a “groovy” bass line that sounds like a nervous heartbeat. This track is a hopeful, but somewhat uncertain tale about a man wondering if a beautiful woman that he has known for quite awhile wants to be his girlfriend. However, the beautiful woman keeps sending the man “mixed signals.” The man is determined to wait for the beautiful woman because he knows that he can make her happy.
Leoce is an exciting unsigned alternative rock trio that will awaken one’s senses with an infectious groove. Leoce will put a smile on the faces of alternative rock fans for years to come. Leoce reminds people that life is full of pleasant experiences and people must not take life for granted.
Band Website: http://www.leoce.bandcamp.com


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